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Our leadership development services have been used by nearly 50,000 managers at all levels, including Board, covering all UK industry sectors as well as international. We are a recognised leader in the field of experiential learning for leadership effectiveness; skilfully blending theory with practice to develop authentic, high performance leadership.

This week sees us continue to promote our new morning session on the 7th May in Birmingham.  The topic is what businesses can learn from Special Forces and supports the launch of our new 3 day Leading with Impact programme..

If you are a senior manager involved with the development of your people then you will not want to miss this session. For more details click here.

If there is anything you need regarding leadership development, including organisation specific leadership challenges, or leadership coaching, you have come to the right place!

The Leadership Trust Foundation is a Not-for-Profit independent charity. (charity no.1063916)

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  1. International Women's Day 2014

    By Sharon Turnbull on 2nd March 2014 in Thoughts on Leadership
  2. In anticipation of International Women's Day on March 8th, Professor Sharon Turnbull, The Leadership Trust’s Head of Research, states that women leaders are a force to be reckoned with. Read more

  3. Rob Noble on Forbes Magazine article that suggests that leaders are shaped by what they read

    By Rob Noble on 18th December 2013 in Thoughts on Leadership
  4. Rob Noble, Chief Executive of the world-renowned Leadership development organisation, The Leadership Trust, has argued that a great leader – or even a good leader – is not influenced to any great degree by the content they read in books or online, but they will tend to have above average communication skills. Commenting on a recent article by Forbes entitled: “The Content You Read Shapes Ho... Read more

  5. Leadership icon leaves enduring legacy worldwide

    By Rob Noble on 6th December 2013 in News
  6. Nelson Mandela – fighter, visionary, diplomat, and global leader. As the world mourns the passing of Nelson Mandela, Rob Noble, Chief Executive of The Leadership Trust, an organisation renowned for its development of leaders, leadership and management, and research into the topics, says that Mandela’s enduring legacy is one of fairness and the most profound personal humility, whilst adhe... Read more

  7. Nelson Mandela – fighter, visionary, diplomat, and global leader By Professor Sharon Turnbull, Head of Research

    By Sharon Turnbull on 31st July 2013 in Thoughts on Leadership
  8. There can be no greater leadership role model than Nelson Mandela. Throughout his early life as a passionate freedom fighter, his time as a political prisoner, his tenure as visionary President, and latterly his years as guiding father to his nation and campaigner for global peace, Mandela’s courage and tenacity were, and even now aged 95, are still legendary. Read more