LTCourses and Services

We believe in an experiential learning approach.

It’s how we instinctively learn

It stretches and challenges

It’s safe

It has impact

It can be fun and that helps with impact

Combining intellectual understanding with the emotional appreciation of how to demonstrate leadership, experiential learning is a powerful way to raise self-awareness, develop self-control and build on the leadership capability that is inherent in all of us. Whatever your executive leadership training and development objectives –individual, team, board or organisational – we can create a programme to meet your needs.

Our open programmes run throughout the year. They are residential programmes designed to suit your commitments and whatever stage you are at on your executive leadership journey.

Our organisation programmes are used by a wide range of clients to meet the rapidly changing needs of their environment. Whether the aim is the leadership training and development of a team or enhancing and developing organisation-wide leadership capabilities, these programmes are tailored to achieve your specific objectives.

The Leadership Trust Foundation was founded in 1975 to enhance and influence leadership and leadership development in all aspects of Society. The objects are:

(1) to advance education and research in the fields of management and leadership and the training of effective managers and leaders;

(2) to advance the education of the public in particular in their knowledge and understanding of the principles of effective leadership; and

(3) to advance the education of the public and in particular to encourage and support individuals who are or wish to be in positions of leadership to learn about and develop leadership skills.

All our courses and programmes are consistent with the objects in that they educate, support and develop individuals in positions of leadership, providing enhanced leadership skills.