LTLeadership Coaching

Leadership roles are hugely challenging and rewarding. They can also be lonely. When you’re the one everyone else is looking to for support, who’s supporting you? 

At this level putting your confidence in someone to explore ideas or share concerns with is never easy. Especially if they’re the people you are leading.

The Leadership Trust coaching programme is the perfect solution.  A Leadership Trust coach is someone you can trust. They’re expert in knowing how to help you in the most constructive of ways.

So, whether you’re managing cultural change and responsible for the overall direction of a business, or in senior or middle management with a focus on performance management, our   Leadership Coaching Service  significantly strengthens attitudes, behaviours and emotional intelligence. Leading to increased resilience, effectiveness and business success.

Chief Executives and Directors coaching

At this level, our coaching can have an immediate impact in achieving a specific business objective or reacting effectively to a cultural shift in a demanding world.

The American Society for Training and Development reports over 75% of Executives surveyed target coaching as one of the key factors in their business success. (Steve Gladis, 2007)

Coaching for Senior and Middle Management

Our coaching will enable people and change project managers to operate at their optimum level and develop their ability to motivate people to stretch out and achieve results.

77% of companies credited coaching with increasing employee retention and performance. (Business finance, John Cummings, 2008)

All our coaches are trained to executive level with a proven track record in business. They’re all experienced at senior executive level, have a minimum of ten year’s track record as a Leadership Trust facilitator or course director. They are all accredited through The Leadership Trust's rigorous coach training programme and are passionate about using their knowledge and expertise to enhance your leadership skills.

Our coaching services are available as:

• One-to-One coaching
• 360 degree leadership audit and one-to-one coaching
• Combined with Leadership Trust open programmes
• An integral part of a bespoke programme tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Contact us to discuss how coaching can enable you and your organisation to achieve its goals.