LTOpen Courses and Programmes

We have created the Leadership Development Journey which makes it much easier for identifying leadership needs on an individual, team, and organisational level. We developed it as a result of insights from working with thousands of individuals, almost all of whom have followed a similar pattern through the course of their careers.

It also highlights that The Leadership Trust has courses and programmes at every stage and places us as an ideal partner for your own Leadership Development Journey.

All our services and activities explore personal leadership strengths, increase self-awareness and release leadership potential. They are based upon an experiential methodology and are intense by nature. As a result they are high on impact and very effective learning environments.

Summary of our open enrolment courses and programmes - all can be customised for bespoke purposes:

Leadership Foundations

Drawing from our 39 years experience, this course is for those new to, or preparing for leadership. It explores core topics: Leading Yourself, Leading Others and Getting Results. This is the course experienced leaders wished they had at the start of their leadership journey - 1 Day

Directors Leadership Programme

For those who are looking to develop to a mastery level of leadership, this course helps participants re-assess and / or re-energise their personal effectiveness in leadership at all senior levels including Board and offers superb peer networking too - 3 Days

Leading with Impact

This intense course is all about impact. With a stronger emphasis on the individual, it explores personal impact upon others and the environment, and examines resilient responsiveness to the impact from others and external events. Aimed at all managers below Director and Board, ideal for those working in virtual teams - 3 Days

Leadership in Management

This flagship course is intensely experiential and covers all of the bases for effective leadership under testing conditions. Aimed at experienced managers of teams and managers of other team leaders. It is also Ideal for those wanting to experience, develop and practice high-performance leadership - 5 Days

Strategic Leadership

This is about implementing strategies and initiatives. On this course participants discover the obstacles to success and learn ways to avoid them. It is for managers who are developing, influencing, implementing or communicating strategies - 3 Days

Leading Change and Building Resilience

This course brings together the perfect mix of live change situations, practical tools and conceptual thinking. It is ideal for those looking to lead change projects effectively and build greater resilience to the impact of continual change for themselves and those around them - 3 Days

Coaching Skills for Leaders

The course is aimed at line managers whose people are undergoing development and seeking to transfer that learning back into the workplace. It includes coaching, being coached, recognising what works for different people and setting up a practical coaching framework for your own organisation - 3 Days

Leadeship Refresher

This short course is a great way to recheck your leadership skills, tune in to a deeper understanding of the models and lift your confidence - so you can rest assured you’ll still be leading well. It’s like a double espresso for your leadership mojo - 2 days

Leadership Horizons

The Leadership Trust Foundation and Concern Universal are delighted to announce a new, exciting and innovative leadership development opportunity. Building on The Leadership Trust’s renowned Leadership in Management and Leading with Impact courses, this course will be run in Malawi, southeast Africa. Delegates will have the opportunity to spend time visiting the capacity building work carried out by Concern Universal. It's quite an inspiration. The course is aimed at Managers and Directors whose roles currently involve a strategic contribution, perhaps involving cross cultural working or working with/in the developing world - 4 days

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Getting the most from your programme:

Before attending we recommend that you explore your leadership training and development objectives with a line manager or a trusted colleague.

On the Directors Leadership Programme you will undertake The Leadership Audit, and post-programme will engage in a personal coaching session to enable implementation of your learning to take place.

After attending any of our programmes, you should seek a post-course briefing with the same line manager or trusted colleague to evaluate outcomes. If you’re unable to arrange pre-course and post-course briefings, we can provide this.

We also offer follow up services for all of our open programmes:

if you want to keep the momentum going or simply need regular support and challenge about your leadership on a personal level, there’s always the option of using our leadership coaching services.

For groups, we offer an In-Company Facilitation Day.