LTOur Guiding Principles

The Leadership Trust is a registered charity founded in 1975. Our primary purpose is to enhance and influence leadership and develop leaders in all aspects of society.

The Leadership Trust focuses on values and principles as part of our developmental and educational offerings; and seeks to conduct itself in line with the following:

Client focused – We will listen and always seek to deliver what is required, not what we want to offer.

Transparent – Knowledge is not power, but communication is king.

Innovative – Through constant review we seek to answer the question that has yet to be asked.

Audacious – If we can see an opportunity or solution we will offer to help and not wait to be asked.

Professional in all we do – We are the sum of all our parts and whoever the visitor or client encounters and for whatever reason our response will be of the same high quality.

Delivered with good humour – Life is not easy, so aim to ease the pressure where possible.

Ambitious – Collectively and as individuals all deserve to achieve the goals set.

Teamwork – When we collaborate we are stronger; and all are empowered and valued.

Adaptable – Better to find the best route and change as required, than continue to waste effort on the wrong one.

Evidenced – In order to demonstrate achievement and make the best and most timely decisions it is better to deal in facts; we will trust but always verify.