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The Leadership Trust Foundation and Concern Universal are delighted to announce a new, exciting and innovative leadership development opportunity.

In 2013, new leadership development courses, building on The Leadership Trust’s renowned Leadership in Management and Leading with Impact courses, will be run for the first time in Malawi, southeast Africa.

Leadership Horizons combines ‘active learning’ -  learning by practice and experiment - with a more reflective, learner-led style, co-coaching style of leadership development. With a 39 year track-record in accelerating leader's performance, The Leadership Trust will concentrate on the areas of: how to engage teams in new ways, how to communicate better, build empathy and rapport with colleagues, how to give and receive feedback, how to develop personal resilience, how to listen…or put another way – how to be better at leading.

The course duration will be 4 days and delegates will have the opportunity to spend time visiting thecapacity building  work carried out by Concern Universal and developing a deeper understanding of the people and environment of Malawi.

The concept of Leadership Horizons is to take people from UK or western organisations and enable them to take part in a leadership development journey with people from Malawi. Those from Malawi will be from Concern Universal's staff in-country, along with staff from other NGOs, and Malawian Government personnel from national and district level positions of responsibility.

In today’s world, organisations need to take a more global, inclusive approach, considering the impact they have and how they affect others, wherever they live. Leadership Horizons enables delegates to gain meaningful insights and understanding of other cultures and what can be learned from those who have to achieve under some of the most challenging circumstances.

Target Audience

  • Director, Senior or Middle Manager
  • Responsible for, or influencer of significant strategic decision making, involving cross cultural working or international development.

Outcomes & Benefits

· The ability to think and act more strategically with a wider international perspective.

· A greater understanding of different leadership styles and how they differ across cultures.

· Increased understanding of effective ways of working with diverse groups.

· A personal leadership model to guide your present and future actions as a global responsible leader.

· Increased self-confidence to make decisions and act courageously.

· A greater level of self-awareness in relation to key components of leadership.

· Opportunity to make a positive contribution to a real development challenge.

You will go home tired, but it will be that brilliant done-loads-learned-loads and seen-loads kind of tired.

The major business issues of the week before you went away will seem small compared to the new perspectives and new clarity of thinking that the Leadership Horizons course will bring to your leadership practice.

Duration: 4 days

Frequency: 2 per year in Malawi

Price:   £2,500 + VAT

 Next course will be in November 2014. Dates to be confirmed.

The Leadership Trust for provisional bookings Tel: 01989 767667

For more information about Malawi and an idea of the sort of accommodation, please look at

Dedza Pottery is typical of a training venue that we use. Concern Universal has a large presence in the country and is experienced in hosting UK visitors.

Full briefing details of what to bring, what to do and what to expect, will be supplied on confirmation of booking.